Show Time! The Very First POPCOM Tablet:: UPad 7A Now On The Cabinet

A Good Affordable Tablet in the Market.
UPad 7A take its postion to be an entry level model in the tablet PC industry today. BUT::BUT the applications pre-installed are more than its value.

UPad 7A is considered as generally highly customerized to its consumers. The so-called “MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MOBILE COMPANION” UPad 7A comes with, for example, internet browser, Google Mail, RSS news, ebook reader, photo management, music, video, task scheduling, sharing, and even gaming.

A Clould Device
UPad 7A make the use of most Google services to get ease of mobile life. All of these applications developped by fronteers in Android Market which you can download anytime by your own. UPad 7A is a cloud-enabled device which can display the result from remote computing.


Lightweighted with 7 Inch Touch Screen
The 7” tablet weights 470g couple touch screen with 800×480 (ratio 16:9) resolution. It’s so small you can easily fit it into your bag.


Memory Card Expandable Up To 32GB
Ever imaging to expand to the 32GB memory capacity ? It’s equivalent to almost 8,000 songs, 100 videos with 300MB size, or 65,536 images with 500KB size each. So you carry your pictures of the best moment with you all the time. WOW !

WiFi connectivity to Internet, It’s a BASIC and a MUST !
Feel free to get connected and updated with news and appllications.

Expansion Port for Furthur Accessabilities to LAN, USB devices, and 3G internet.
By adapting the transfer box to UPad 7A, additional LAN networking, 3G wireless, and card reader could be empowered quickly.

UPad 7A has Android Backup Providing 200,000 Applications.

Many Android apps are really professional to use, and the most important, most of them are it’s free.